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my awards:
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my current contests:
PLEASE NOTE! i moved all my contests from my site to a contest forum to make things a little easier for me. don't send me entries via mail anymore, but post them on the forum! ^^
if you don't have a place to upload your images to i recommend you get an account at [photobucket].

click >> Happy Riders (deadline: april 22nd)

click >> 15bases - a base race (on vote)

click >> Inspired by Pandas (awards up)
click >> Inspired by Crows (awards up)
click >> Miss Safety Pins (hosted on PixelEmpire) (awards up)

my old contests:
unicorn girl: awards
angel kitty: awards
generated character #03: awards
night messenger: awards
hot pink artistic vision awards
attila base edit: awards
goth galore: awards
year of the tiger: awards
inspired by apples: awards
doll with french braids: awards
cute witch #02: awards
halloween palette: awards
patshi base edit: awards
albino girl: awards
inspired by lemon cake: awards
forest artistic vision: awards
cutie devil: awards
underwear fairy: awards
palette #08: awards
artistic vision #07: awards
color themes #02: awards
palette #07: awards
magic pastel rainbow land: awards
artistic vision #06: awards
clover fairy, daisy fairy: awards
elegant catgirl: awards
blossom, buttercup and bubbles: awards
cute witch: awards
missy base edit: awards
inspired by milk: awards
banana coco royals: awards
artistic vision with a twist: awards
shiina base edit: awards
cream'n'fruit fairy: awards
pikachu girl: awards
palette contest #5: awards
generated character #2: awards
pink-haired pageant: awards
dragon girl: awards
#51: an artistic vision: awards
sugar fairy: awards
insect base edit: awards
inspired by oranges and chocolate: awards
sun god/goddess: awards
pattern contest: awards
palette #4: awards
zweetie01+02 base edit: awards
artistic vision #3: awards
astronaughty: awards
silver hair: awards
your chara/muse as a child: awards
bat: awards
palette #3: awards
white doll: awards
inspired by weird plants: awards
multi-colored hair: awards
puuya base edit: awards
black butterfly: awards
generator: awards
super kitty: awards
sushi waitress: awards
blue hair: awards
palette #2: awards
sleepy: awards
color themes: awards
miss electricity: awards
inspired by rozen maiden (traeumend): awards
queen of darkness: awards
doll with oversized weapon: awards
kirsche base edit: awards
doll with glasses: awards
artistic vision #2: awards
sexy cute: awards
doll with hearts: awards
"you, the magician/witch": awards
long red hair: awards
progirl base edit: awards
princess: awards
inspired by a pic: awards
artistic vision #1: awards
growing up chara: awards
palette #1: awards
astro sign: awards
green hair: awards
sanya base edit: awards
ruby base edit: awards
dying base no. 2 edit: awards
sophia & sophokles base edit: awards
cheyenne fighter angel: awards
dirty angel: awards

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