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this is an "about me" page, i guess.

...mouldyCat / mc


...january 3rd


gimp, amarok, konversation, kopete, mozilla firefox. don't like the combination? well, sorry pal, i don't give a short. :D

...art, cats, linux, music, pixeling, winter / spring / autumn, nature, watching movies or anime all night long, sarcasm, BASS, philosophy, colorful hair (i.e. pink, green, blue), tea, irc, all kinds of fruits, travelling <3

...kick-ass, scott pilgrim vs the world, fight club, oldboy, american beauty, 12 monkeys, snatch, pride and prejudice, the fifth element, leon the professional, pulp fiction, tiger and dragon, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, love me if you dare, cashback, last life in the universe, marie antoinette, how to train your dragon, shoot 'em up, burn after reading, what happens in vegas (don't judge me :P), the virgin suicides, lost in translation, youth in revolt, up, how to live

...dead kennedys, vnv nation, tyler walker, subway to sally, a new found glory, abney park, mando diao, muse, farin urlaub, paniq, hungry lucy, covenant, deine lakaien, pornophonique, zombie girl, nine inch nails, gorillaz, angelika express, die sterne, arctic monkeys, anamanaguchi, blonde redhead, 1000 robota, placebo, radiohead, knorkator, nouvelle vague, deftones, beck, and one, wizo, manu chao, paganini, beethoven, the smiths, fleischdolls, ween, broken social scene, radiohead, the brilliant green, ai otsuka, placebo, sahara hotnights

...douglas adams: the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, douglas adams: the restaurant at the end of the universe, rocko schamoni: tag der geschlossenen tür, max goldt: vom zauber des seitlich dran vorbeigehens

...studio ghibli movies <3, nausicaä of the valley of the wind, nana, paradise kiss, detroit metal city, lovely complex, last exile, samurai champloo, read or die (+ the tv), karin, samurai 7, tokyo godfathers, full metal panic (+ second raid + fumoffu), .hack //sign, macross zero, chobits, school rumble (+ 2nd semester), black lagoon, welcome to the nhk, ouran highschool host club, eureka seven, suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu, beyond the clouds, blood - the last vampire, blood+, re: cutie honey, genshiken, flcl, he is my master, clannad, rurouni kenshin ova, kyouran kazoku nikki, dennou coil, emily of new moon, honey and clover (+ II), mahoraba, nodame cantabile (+ paris hen), hyakko, todadora!, hatsukoi limited, k-on!, k-on!!, working!!, kaichou wa maid-sama!, kimi ni todoke, noein, serial experiments lain, ergo proxy


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