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terms of use:

- don't use my dolls for any purpose other than "adoption". this means you are NOT allowed to just take, edit and redistribute my stuff as you please. my art is not some sort of stock. "adopting" a doll means to display someone else's doll that you really like on your very own dolling site, providing a credit link to the original artist's site. so if you "adopt" any of my dolls you will have to link back to my site (http://disappeared.de) somewhere near the doll you adopted.
- don't steal parts of my dolls to create your own!
- you may only use a doll made by me as a forum avatar or signature if the doll was a gift, a shop order or a request i specifically made for you.
- gifts and stuff marked as "not adoptable" is not adoptable!
- do not direct-link the images. save them to your own webspace!

PIXEL ART..................
- simple: don't use, adopt, take, edit, claim as your own or redistribute.

- if you use any of my bases to create a doll, you will have to place a credit LINK to my site on the same page as the doll. if you want to use a doll you made with my bases as avatar in some forum please don't forget to credit me there with a link to my site as well (i.e. in your forum signature)! if you made a doll on one of my bases and want to use that doll to create a layout, you can do so, but please don't forget to still credit me with a link to my site somewhere (i.e. in your "about the site" section or similar).
- remove the little "deac" mark on the bases when you make dolls with them. add your own mark instead.
- you're allowed to edit anything on my bases you need to make a nice doll, as long as you still credit me. just DON'T display the edited bases anywhere! you can send them to me though, then i will display them on my site with a link back to you.
- don't use my bases for dollmakers or for kiss dolls!
- don't steal parts of my bases to create your own!
- don't display any of my bases anywhere! redistribution is forbidden! if you want to share my bases with someone you can give them a link to my site. however, there are special rules provided below about displaying my bases in forum shops to earn forum currency.

- you CAN use *most* of my bases to make dolls for forum shops to earn forum currency (i.e. "gold" on gaiaonline.com) - but NO real money.
the bases you CAN'T use are those which are, for whatever reason, not on my homepage anymore.
if you really really want to display a base in your shop please don't forget to WATERMARK it first and display the following credit text somewhere near the base:
"mouldyCat gave me permission to use these bases in my shop as stated in the terms of use page on her site http://disappeared.de
For any questions concerning this matter she can be contacted via email (mouldycat [at] gmx [dot] de)."

please also send me a mail providing a link to your shop, so i can have a look. :)

OTHER GENERAL STUFF..................
- if you want to enter my contests and i find you giving me a frankendolled entry or an entry with stolen parts you will be disqualified.
- please don't ask me to be your sister site if i don't even know you.
- please don't ask me to exchange links with you.
- don't steal anything from my site and claim it as your own!
- don't use any of my graphics to make layouts, banners etc!
- my art is NOT for graphic collection sites!
- you are not allowed to use any of my stuff for commercial matters without my consent.


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